Trains journeys are always exciting and wonderful. People love to travel and trains are their preferred mode of conveyance for it. And, when we decided to travel to Malaysia; even our first choice for inter-city travelling was trains. We knew the country was well connected via railway lines, and we wanted to fully utilize the whole system.

In fact, if you ever visit Malaysia (and the surrounding Asean countries) then you can opt for the railway network. There are trains lines covering both the west and the east coasts of the country, while if you want to travel from north to south or vice versa, then trains are your best bet again.

Even we were mesmerised by the appealing nature of the Malaysian railway network; hence we considered and eventually decided to use it. So, let us take a look whether we made the right choice or not;

Ticketing and selecting

ktm-ticketOne of the biggest drawbacks of the rail networks—of anyplace or anywhere in the world—is its ticketing system. Most rail networks are outdated and only run with traditional ticketing methods. But, the railway networks in Malaysia (especially the ones run by KTM train from Singapore to KL the national railway operator of the nation) are very technologically advanced.

You can select your train as per your schedule and book your reserved ticket right from the internet. Even we used this convenience and gave couple of brownie points to the system. All websites, in the business of selling online rail tickets, are very well made. You can select your train, your preferred seat and your line as per your own choice.

For example, if you opt for an ETS express ticket from KL to Padang Besar (near to the Malaysia and Thailand border), then you will have various choices to select from. Just make sure you mark your time, ticket and plan your journey; and get your own Malaysia online train reservation right over the internet. Hence, we gave 100 percent marks to the customer support factor.

The reliability


Our train was scheduled to leave the KL Sentral station at 0930 Hours and we were very surprised that dot on that time our train left for the border. We barely made it to the station on time as the traffic was chaotic in the KL.

The whole journey took 5 and half hours or so, and as mentioned on our tickets, we reached Pedang right at 3 PM local time. During our journey, we interacted with many Malaysian who confirmed that the trains (especially the ETMs) always ran with the clock, and were very rarely late. Besides this, the whole journey was also quite cheap and inexpensive; as compared to road trips or flights tickets

The safety and comfort

We were also told beforehand that the train journeys in Malaysia were always a comfortable option. And, the people who told us were absolutely right.

Apart from being safe, the trains were also quite comfortable to travel in. And, as soon as we disembarked from the train (fresh as a daisy I might add) we straight away went to Gua Kelam (the limestone cave) and also covered the Timah Tasoh Lake; we had sure a hassle free journey.